Our Story

26JPN (pronounced 26/J.P.N/) is a bold auto care brand reflecting the vibrant soul and values of urban Japan combined with British chemical ingenuity.

Our industry leading chemists ensure each of our products go through extensive testing for performance, quality, and stability in all environments. Our formulations are completely unique, you won’t find them elsewhere and this is shown in our long development cycles. We do as much as possible on site to maintain standards and to protect our product secrets.

This is the result of nearly a decade of knowledge and understanding of the needs of enthusiasts and professional detailers around the world.

26JPN products being premium is just a core fundamental in our range. The real aim is to give better results than our competitors on several factors. We only release a new product once we believe we have achieved that.

We meet these goals in our products by taking inspiration from concepts of Kaikaku and Kaizen - revolutionary change combined with the strive for perfection.

Our ethos is performance car care.