Ultra-Soft Detail Brushes


26JPN Ultra-Soft Detail Brushes are designed for light duty cleaning on sensitive areas which boar’s hair brushes may damage. These brushes have no metal or hard edges to prevent scratching which combined with them being balanced at the textured grip means they minimise user fatigue.

  • Fully plastic construction for safe usage
  • Textured grid
  • Balanced ergonomic design to avoid fatigue

The shorter brush is perfect for interior use around digital panels, wood panels or the instrument cluster. The larger brush is ideal for exterior surfaces like grills, trim areas, badges and emblems.

Brush sizes within the set are:

  • 16cm Brush
  • 24cm Brush

Care and Maintenance

  • Rinse after use with clean water
  • Squeeze out excess water
  • Hang upside down to dry

26JPN Ultra-Soft Detail Brushes, as reviewed in Car Magazine.

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